1 x 4 Plus Cumaru Tongue & Groove

July 15, 2016 3:57 pm
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1 x 4 Plus Cumaru Tongue & Groove – Unparalled Beauty For Your Deck

1 x 4 Plus Cumaru Tongue & Groove is a great profile for tongue & groove decking. Our 1 x 4 Plus profile give you an extra bit of thickness over traditional 1 x 4 decking, but keeps cost down compared to thicker profiles like 5/4 and 2 inches. This profile is slowly milled in our mills across the country down to a net ‘finished’ dimension of approximately 3/4″ thick by 3″ wide. It is available in lengths up to twenty feet long.

1 x 4 Plus is often chosen for it’s great value and added stability. That added thickness will help lower the chances of warping and cupping even further than our regular 1 x 4 profile.

Cumaru is known for it’s great durability and strength. In fact many builders and contractors refer to Cumaru as Brazilian Teak. This is because it is known to be a great value and a dependable hardwood. It is often chosen for it’s excellent lifespan of up to and over 50 years. During that lifespan Cumaru will also prove to be a very low maintenance wood.

Many of Cumaru’s benefits are thanks to its very dense grain and natural in grain oils. This combination of tight grain and oils helps Cumaru resist wood rot, mold, decay, and wood boring insects! It can do all of this without needing preservatives or chemical treatments.

Over time Cumaru will naturally age to a smooth silvery patina with sun exposure. This happens with all hardwoods, but you need not to worry as it will not effect Cumaru’s lifetime durability. In fact many customers opt to let their project patina as it makes for very limited maintenance. All that is needed is an occasional surface cleaning.

However if a customer is looking to preserve the golden tan and reddish brown colors Cumaru has to offer, then an occasional application of Ipe Oil will do the trick. Ipe Oil is a hardwood UV finish that helps lock in the natural colors while greatly slowly the effects of constant sun exposure. With Ipe Oil you can keep your deck looking freshly installed for years to come.

Each piece of Cumaru that we sell also comes from a well managed forest. Ensuring that the rain forest remains healthy for generations to come is a top priority and we must protect this renewable resource. We offer FSC certified wood as well. FSC certified wood is monitored by the Forest Stewardship Counsel and every piece that certify is tracked from the time is is logged to the moment it gets installed in your yard. This helps guarantee proper logging techniques and responsible harvesting.

1 x 4 Plus Cumaru Tongue & Groove is a premiere decking choice and will outperform any composite or hardwood alternative over its lifespan.

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