1×4 Ipe Decking on Famous Ocean Drive Penthouse

June 4, 2014 11:51 am
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1×4 Ipe Decking Shines on Rooftop Deck

Miami is known for its gorgeous beaches and art deco design. Here in South Beach, we need Sofia and see her design of a condo on famous Ocean Drive.

“My name is Sofia Joelsson. I own an interior design company here in Miami Beach called SoJo Design. We specialize in mostly high end residential interiors as you can see here in this penthouse.

This is actually the last building on Ocean Drive so it’s a bit iconic, as well as the architect who built it, Michael Graces. As you can tell, you almost feel like you’re on top of the world here.

This decking around the jacuzzi that we built, I chose 1×4 ipe decking. It was the perfect choice for us because this climate in Miami Beach, where you’re right now the ocean, you have to have something that can endure this weather coming from the salt water and the wind. The 1×4 ipe is just perfect for this setting.

The dining area, I wanted to make sure that we were taking advantage of the views here. We stepped it up a little bit so that you would oversee the railing, which was concrete. We just elevated the 1×4 ipe deck a little bit so that you would see over the concrete tailing, and over the vistas of Downtown Miami.

I think longevity the look of it, the feel of it, all of it together makes for a perfect material for our really high end cliental and that’s something that they’re really going to be happy with at the end.

Somebody that’s looking to use ipe decking on any type of design on an outdoor space, it’s important to get with a designer who can interpret your vision and especially the usage of your space. From there you draw up some plans, or you can show some inspirational images with what you’re looking for. Then it’s also important to get a contractor that really has experience with the material. Since ipe is so dense, it’s important that they can really utilize the decking in the best way possible.”
1x4 ipe