2 x 10 Cumaru

July 14, 2016 11:48 am
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2 x 10 Cumaru – Great For Garden Bridges, Arbors & More!

If you are looking for a wood profile that will help tie your garden bridge, arbor, or even gazebo together, look no further than 2 x 10 Cumaru. This versatile profile will add another level of durability and strength to your project while also matching the overall look. It is also a great profile for things like fascia boards and wood skirting! This profile is slowly milled in our mills across the country down to a net ‘finished’ dimension of approximately 1 1/2″ thick by 9 1/4″ wide. It is available in lengths from four feet up to twenty-four feet long.

Cumaru is an excellent wood that has earned itself a great reputation for being a strong and reliable wood. It is often referred to as Brazilian Teak by many builders and contractors. It owes much of its great reputation to its tight dense grain and natural in grain oils.

Its grain and natural oils give Cumaru a large variety of benefits such as the ability to resist things like wood rot, mold, decay, and even wood boring insects. It does all of this with no preservatives and no chemical treatments. This also lends Cumaru to being a low maintenance woods. Because you don’t have to treat it the only maintenance required is an occasional surface cleaning to keep your deck looking clean and beautiful.

Cumaru will naturally age to a smooth silver patina over time. This natural process happens thanks to sun exposure on the wood and often times customers will let their deck patina as it requires the least amount of maintenance that way. However if a customer wishes to retain Cumaru’s beautiful colors it is very easy to do so. An occasional application of Ipe Oil will easily to the trick. Ipe Oil does wonders to preserve the beautiful golden tan to reddish brown colors found in Cumaru, and applying this oil will help keep your deck looking clean and beautiful for years to come.

At AdvantageLumber.com we value the rain forests deeply. That is why we make sure that each and ever board we sell comes from a responsibly harvested source in well managed forests. We even have a mill in Brazil to help monitor the process and ensure our products are coming from all the rights places. We even offer FSC certified wood that is monitored and guaranteed to be responsibly harvested by the Forest Stewardship Counsel.

2 x 10 Cumaru has a lot to offer and this profile will beat out any composite or hardwood alternative in any category.

To get more information about Cumaru, or to speak with one of our highly knowledgeable sales staff, contact us today and get your free Cumaru quote!cumaru-call-to-action