2 x 12 Cumaru

July 14, 2016 11:17 am
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2 x 12 Cumaru – For Highly Durable Fascia & Wood Skirting

2 x 12 Cumaru is one of the largest profiles we mill. This large profile has a surprising amount of uses from fascia boards for homes to wood skirting for decks and docks, and can even be used gazebos and pavilions. This profile is slowly milled in our mills across the country to a net ‘finished’ dimension of approximately 1 1/2″ thick by 11 1/4″ wide. This profile is available in lengths from three feet up to twenty feet long.

When used for wood skirting this profile can help add a finished look to your project, helping cover up the joists underneath your deck and giving a smooth clean finish. When used as fascia this profile can add a nice contrast to your home, and help tie the home and the deck together.

Cumaru has garnered a great reputation over the years, often call Brazilian Teak by Builders and contractors. This is because of it’s excellent durability and strength. It is a long lasting wood that outshines composites and hardwood alternatives in every category.

2 x 12 Cumaru has the added benefit of being a thicker board. With this thick profile you are less likely to have to worry about warping or cupping over the lifespan of your board.

Cumaru has a wide variety of benefits inherent in its tight dense grain and natural oils. It is naturally able to resist wood rot, mold, decay, and wood boring insects. This means you won’t ever need to apply any preservatives or worry about treating your wood for insect damage. It also helps make Cumaru a very low maintenance wood. Through its lifespan you won’t have to worry about anything but an occasional surface cleaning to keep your cumaru deck looking clean and beautiful.

Cumaru will naturally age to a smooth silvery patina. Many customers choose to let their deck patina since it procides the easiest level of maintenance and still looks great. However if you would like to keep Cumaru’s beautiful golden tan to reddish brown colors you can use an occasional application of Ipe Oil. This Oil will help keep your deck looking almost newly installed for years to come!

Our Cumaru is responsibly harvested from well managed forests. Each board we sell comes from a sustainable source and thanks to our mill in Brazil, we can oversee the lumber at each every step of the process.

2 x 12 Cumaru will help make your project feel complete and add an extra level of stability and beauty.

To get more information about Cumaru, or to speak with one of our highly knowledgeable sales staff, contact us today and get your free 2 x 12 Cumaru quote!cumaru-call-to-action