2 x 6 Cumaru

July 14, 2016 3:02 pm
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2 x 6 Cumaru – Structural Support That Resists Cupping

Whether it be decking, gazebo rafters, pergola posts, lattice posts, or outdoor furniture, 2 x 6 Cumaru is an excellent hardwood profile with a plethora of uses for many different types of outdoor projects. Having a versatile profile like this leaves you with many options for how to proceed about creating your projects. This profile is slowly milled in our mills across the country down to a net ‘finished’ dimension of approximately 1 1/2″ thick by 5 1/2″ wide. It is also available in lengths from three feet long all the way up to twenty feet long.

Cumaru’s often been referred to as Brazilian teak by builders and contractors. This is because of the great reputation it has built over time for being a strong reliable wood that proves to be a great value.  It’s also a long lasting wood, with a proven lifespan of up to and over 50 years. This hardwood will last you for decades to come.

Part of what makes Cumaru a great hardwood is its tight dense grain and naturally occurring in grain oils. With no preservatives ad no chemical treatments Cumaru is able to resist wood rot, mold, decay, and wood boring insects. This helps make it a very low maintenance wood as well. A simple surface washing is all that is needed to ensure that your deck will remain clean and beautiful for years to come.

Cumaru will naturally mature to a smooth silver patina with constant sun exposure. This process is natural and happens to all wood over time. It does not effect the durability of your deck though. In fact many customers choose to let their deck patina as it makes for a very easy to maintain deck and still complements the home very well.

However if you wish to retain Cumaru’s stunning colors of golden tan and reddish brown an easy occasional application of Ipe Oil will do the trick. This hardwood finish will help lock in the colors and prevent the fading from constant sun exposure. Keeping your deck looking freshly installed for years to come.

Our Cumaru also comes from sustainable sources. Keeping the rain forests alive and healthy is a big priority for us. We ensure that each board we sell comes from a responsibly harvested well managed forest. We offer FSC Cumaru as well which provides a guarantee from a third party that the wood was properly managed through every step of the process from being logged to being installed in your home.

Cumaru is a great option for a decking material and should definitely be considered by customers seeking a great value and high durability decking option.

To get more information about Cumaru, or to speak with one of our highly knowledgeable sales staff, contact us today and get your free 2 x 6 Cumaru quote!cumaru-call-to-action