2 x 8 Cumaru

July 14, 2016 1:59 pm
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2 x 8 Cumaru – Structural Hardwood Lumber

2 x 8 Cumaru is a adaptable profile of hardwood, great not only for decking, but also for rail systems, gazebo rafters, studs, outdoor furniture, and even posts for lattices. This profile is less prone to warping and cupping thanks to the overall thickness, and will match the rest of your decking beautifully. 2 x 8 Cumaru is mill slowly in our mills across the country down to a net ‘finished’ dimension of approximately 1 1/2″ thick by 7 1/2″ wide. It is available in length from three feet all the way up to twenty feet long.

Whether you are using it to build your Gazebo, or to make Adirondack chairs to match your deck, 2 x 8 Cumaru is a sturdy profile that will provide you with numerous benefits.

Cumaru is known among builders and contractors to be a reliable and durable wood that lasts a long time. Cumaru has gained the nickname Brazilian Teak for all the great benefits it has shown. It has a proven lifespan of up to and over 50 years, meaning you won’t have to worry about replacing your decking project for decades to come.

Cumaru’s dense grain and natural in grain oils give it a wide variety of benefits that make it a great decking choice. It can resist wood rot, mold, decay and wood boring insects. All without using any preservatives or treating your deck with chemicals. This also helps make Cumaru a very low maintenance wood.

In fact Cumaru requires only an occasional surface cleaning to keep your deck looking clean and beautiful. Due to sun exposure Cumaru will age to a smooth silvery patina, but this process is entirely natural and requires no extra maintenance.

If you would like to preserve the lovely golden tan to reddish brown hues that Cumaru has to offer, then a simple intermittent application of Ipe Oil will help preserve those stunning colors for years to come. With Ipe Oil your project can look like new for decades.

Taking care of the rain forests is a big responsibility but it is a responsibility we take very seriously. Every board we sell is harvested from well managed sustainable forests that are monitored to ensure that the rain forests can stay healthy and productive for generations to come. A sustainable, healthy rain forest will provide renewable materials for a very long time.

2 x 8 Cumaru is a premiere decking choice and will outperform any composite or hardwood alternative over its lifespan.

To get more information about Cumaru, or to speak with one of our highly knowledgeable sales staff, contact us today and get your free 2 x 8 Cumaru quote!cumaru-call-to-action