What is Advantage Cumaru?

May 6, 2016 4:07 pm
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Advantage Cumaru – Wonderful Hardwood

Cumaru from AdvantageLumber.com offers durability and beauty of a tropical hardwood deck for a fraction of the cost of teak, composites and ipe.

Cumaru is a one of a kind South American hardwood. Color variations range from a golden brown to a deep reddish brown with occasional dark grain accents . Without a finish coating, it naturally ages to a smooth silver patina. Cumaru’s beauty isn’t just skin deep. The real beauty of this hardwood is in its stability, resistance to decay and exceptional strength.

Cumaru is incredibly scratch resistant, making it great for heavy traffic areas and families with pets and active children. The tight grain also makes it slip resistant, so it’s great for pool decks and docks. It has an incredible 30 plus year lifespan without treatment.

Advantage Hardwoods are custom milled into pregrooved or tongue and groove decking. We can also mill them into shiplap or rainscreen siding. We ship Advantage Cumaru from our multiple locations to any home or jobsite in the world. We also have a new mill in Brazil which gives us more control from the forests to your project.

This hardwood’s blend of beauty and durability make it an attractive option for a luxurious hardwood deck for any home. We only sell decking that has been responsibility harvested from well managed forests leaving you with a truly renewable resource.

To here what some contractors have said about working with Advantage, continue watching the video.

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