Garapa Decking Video in Santa Ana, Ca

May 21, 2014 1:17 pm
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Garapa Decking Compliments California Home

This extravagant home in Santa Ana, California was recently remodeled and needed a decking material that matched the aesthetic of the home. In this video, David Seawright tells us why it was important he chose a high end material such as Garapa decking for this gorgeous California home.

“The reason we chose Advantage Garapa decking was because it was important to have a high end material. The color was also important because the color of the wood tied in with the color of the wood in the home.”

The deck itself is not very large, but it does come right off the kitchen. This design makes the deck an extension of the home and not just a separate outdoor area.

“As far as square footage of deck, it’s not a lot, but being that it comes off the kitchen, on a really high end house, it’s very important that it looks nice, transitions nice and is durable.”

One of the best qualities of hardwood decks is the ability to let it weather and then to bring back the color. David gave the homeowners the option of oiling the garapa decking, but they chose to let it weather.

“We had the option of putting the oil finish on it, and the owners didn’t really want to do it. They wanted to go with the more outdoor look and let it weather. We said, ‘Let it weather, see what it looks like, and if you don’t like it, we’ll put the oil on later.’”

Believe it or not, this gorgeous home was specked to have composite deck, but Nolynn Company decided against that rather quickly and suggested garapa decking.

“The architect actually had a composite deck in the plants, and because of our experience in the past we talked to him and showed him some hardwood samples. We showed the owners the hardwood samples too and they were happy to switch over to an actual wood.”

In the end, this product is going to last for many years.

“I think the material is going to last longer than the house. It will be here as long as this house is, or until the next remodel down the road.”

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