Advantage Tigerwood Video in San Clemente

May 21, 2014 1:36 pm
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Advantage Tigerwood Design Makes a Unique Deck

San Clemente is the “Spanish Village by the Sea,” and where Brian Young’s favorite decking project resides. This deck, made out of Advantage Tigerwood, was a unique and fun design that turned out better than he could have possible hoped for.

“This specific project, the homeowner needed a deck to replace an existing deck that had rotted away.”

The homeowner and his wife were set on a composite material until Brian showed them some hardwood options, one of which being Advantage Tigerwood.

“The homeowners were mostly considering using a composite material, but once I showed them different samples of all the different decking options we offer, they really liked the hardwoods. The main thing about the Advantage Tigerwood they liked was the exotic grain that it had. All the other wood options were nice, but they just really liked the look at the exotic grain.”

Providing his client’s with a well done deck, a deck that they’re so proud to own, gives Brian and O.C. Deck & Patio the highest satisfaction possible.

“It gives me a lot of pride that the homeowner has certain expectations for the project and when we can surpass that and they’re always impressed and love to show off their deck to their friends and family or whoever they have over, it gives us a lot of pride that we’re able to complete a project like that for them.”

This Advantage Tigerwood deck, although it’s not a huge space, has a lot of different design elements incorporated in to it. These elements have made this Brain’s favorite decking project to date.

“This is probably one of my favorite projects. I’ve had some other ones that have really neat design as well and neat materials. This one, since it has pretty much every design element I could possible think of incorporated into it, it just made it a really fund project to work on.”

Brian seems to be really happy with how everything turned out, but what about his clients?

“He and his wife are just ecstatic. They refer to this as more of a piece of outdoor furniture rather than an actual deck.”
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