Bending Strength – DeckBusters Episode 2

May 22, 2014 2:35 pm
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Bending Strength – Can Your Deck Withstand the Weight of an SUV?

In this episode of DeckBusters Emily and Mike are testing the bending strength of three different decking materials. When you have a party on your deck, you usually have several people over. Do you know if your decking material is able to withstand the force of all of those people on your deck?

Bending strength indicates how many pounds per squares inch (PSI) a board can withstand before breaking.

So in the search for the best way possible to test the bending strength of decking, we found a mid-sized SUV. This vehicle weighs the same as 23 average men, just keep this in mind the next time you have a huge BBQ on your deck.

The first material we are testing for bending strength is PVC decking. All material that is being tested is one inch thick.

Emily is in the car and is ready to test the PVC decking, does it bend? Does is snap? Can it withstand the weight of the car? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Next is the “latest and greatest” decking material, capstock composite. It’s supposed to be really strong and durable, right? Let’s see!

Finally, they test Advantage Ipe decking. It’s wood, so it can’t be that strong, right? The only way for you to know is to watch the video!

When you’re building your new deck, keep these tests in mind. DeckBusters was created to educate the differences in synthetic decking materials and real wood materials.

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