Boardwalks on Lake Erie Coast

May 5, 2016 1:32 pm
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Boardwalks on WNY Coast Excel in Harsh Climates

Buffalo, New York has cold, harsh winters, but being on Lake Erie can have dire effects. Lake effect snow has contributed to that massive amounts of snow that Buffalo sees almost on an annual basis. To build boardwalks that are durable, the city needed to choose the right material.

There is a Coast Guard Station where the Buffalo River meets Lake Erie. This Coast Guard station’s primary focus is Homeland Security. They have a beautiful patina ipe boardwalk right outside of the station that leads down Furhrmann Blvd and sits to the east of the Times Beach Nature Preserve.

Choosing ipe was a wise decision for the boardwalks that the city of Buffalo made. Buffalo sees such intense winters, and they are almost always guaranteed a snow fall in the winter. Ipe, or Brazilian Walnut, is a very durable, low maintenance, safe material. It doesn’t crack, splinter, or warp and will last up to 75 years, even in the cold damp climate Buffalo.

If you go down to Gallagher Beach, there are a few pavilions that have also been outfitted in Advantage Ipe.

Other locations that the City of Buffalo decided to use Advantage Ipe was the Tifft Street Pier Boardwalk. This area has two winding boardwalks that wrap around and meet at a large covered pavilion and it overlooks the lake as well as come old silos that remind the people of some of the historical parts of Buffalo..

If you head a little further south you’ll eventually come to Union Canal. This canal was a huge waterway at the turn of the century. Today, it’s not accessible by anything other than small boats and kayaks. The city has turned the entire area around the lake, and the entrance of the canal, into a beautiful waterside park. They also used Advantage Ipe for the boardwalks and walkways.

If a hardwood such as ipe can survive in a close proximity in the freezing temperatures of Buffalo, thing about how well it will perform in your own backyard.