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May 23, 2014 4:27 pm
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Cumaru Extreme Plugs are Perfect for Covering those Stainless Steel Screws

Hello! Thank you for visiting My name is Lauren and these are Cumaru Extreme Plugs!

The next best thing to ipe decking is cumaru decking. It’s like ipe’s little brother. It’s almost an identical hardwood. What’s not great, is installing cumaru decking only to be left with visible screw holes all over your new deck. You feel stuck, you don’t know how you’re going to fix it. Desperate for a solution you contact us here at and your salesman has a solution: Cumaru Extreme Plugs! You order the plugs and when they arrive you begin installing them.

Installing Cumaru Extreme Plugs:

  1. You take some gorilla glue and insert it into the screw hole.
  2. Then you place the plug in the hole and hit it with a mallet to ensure it’s secure.
  3. You saw the top of the plug off
  4. Then you sand down the top of the plug with 80 grit sandpaper

You’re quite surprised, you can barely notice it. You continue filling in the holes on your deck.

The Cumaru Extreme Plugs offer added security when it comes to filling holes left by standard screw installation.

Why are Cumaru Extreme Plugs Different?

  • These plugs come in three different sizes for your convenience

o   3/8”
o   10mm
o   12mm

  • They are tapered at 1 degree for an easy application.
  • These one-of-a-kind plugs are milled with tolerance absorbing rings that plug more securely than conventional wood plugs.

Cumaru Extreme Plugs are made out of the same material as our cumaru decking. This mean you will get the same benefits from the hardwood plug that you’ll get from our decking materials. You’ll get a long lifespan and mold & decay resistance.

Extreme plugs offer superior protection in any climate and create a seamless surface. They fill holes that may have not been perfectly round which saves time and headaches.

cumaru extreme plugs