How To Cut Hardwood Decking Video

May 23, 2014 3:50 pm
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How do You Cut Hardwood Decking?

When you cut hardwood decking…wait, before you get started, you need to wear the right safety gear.

It’s important to protect your eyes, nose and mouth when cutting into exotic hardwoods. Wear safety goggles and a mask to avoid inhaling saw dust.

To cut hardwood decking, you need a carbide tipped blade to get through the dense material. Always ensure the blade is properly and securely attached.

Carbide blades are recommended because they do stay sharper longer. They can also be known as Titanium carbide. What makes these tools better for hardwoods is how they’re constructed. The blades themselves are made out of steel, and then the tips are then fused onto the steel blade. This steel gives the saw blade the ability to take a little more pressure from cutting as opposed to constructing the entire blade out of carbide.

Now, we’re ready to cut. Use a slow steady motion to smoothly cut through exotic hardwood like cumaru, tigerwood, garapa and ipe. This minimizes tear out and ensures a smooth clean cut.

Tear out is when the boards split or tear off when the saw blade exits the board. This is why it’s extremely important to cut hardwood decking slowly all the way through. Another way you can make sure you will get minimal tear out is make sure your saw blade is as sharp as possible.

When you cut hardwood decking it’s important to understand that their oils and density can cause you to go through several blades.

Be sure to use this slow method for all dense materials and exotic hardwoods. When you are finished cutting be sure to apply a wax emulsion end grain sealer to protect the end of your boards.

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