Cutting Huge Indian Rosewood Log

June 20, 2016 2:35 pm
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Cutting Huge Indian Rosewood log on Wood-Mizer LT50

At’s Sarasota Facility we have two Wood-Mizer sawmills on site that handle numerous logs of various species everyday. Our LT-50 handles logs up to 36 inches in diameter while our WM-1000 handles logs up to 67 inches in diameter. Having these machines allows us to offer our customers a wider range of products cut by us, eliminating any third party costs along the way. We are able to beat out competitor prices because we do everything here ourselves. On this particular day our warehouse guys had a rather large Indian Rosewood log ready to be cut.

This log was quite a beauty. We cut this log to be book matched which would allow a customer to be able to pick up two slabs in succession that would give the appearance of a mirror image. Book matched slabs a re great for woodworking projects like table tops or even guitar backs. Book matched slabs are great because they create an interesting dynamic with the grain pattern and really show off the beautiful grain well.

Indian Rosewood botanical name is Dalbergia Sissoo. It is sometimes also called Sheesham or Sisu. It has a very good decay resistance and is rated between durable and very durable with lifespans from 15 years on up.

Rosewood is commonly used for Veneer, plywood, instruments, furniture, flooring, boat building, carving, and turning. It has good working characteristics and responds well to machining. Most Rosewood has very straight grain, but occasionally it may have an interlocking grain

We’ve got plenty of India Rosewood slabs, cut by us in our mill, on display in our showroom. Anyone can come by and browse our selection. We’ve got sales staff ready to answer any questions you may have about our different hardwoods for sale.

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