Decking vs Charcoal – DeckBusters Episode 4

May 22, 2014 2:43 pm
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Decking vs Charcoal – What Happens When a Grill Tips Over?

“So when you’re having a party on your deck, and you’re outside, grilling some brats, of course Aunt Shirley has had a little too much to drink. She falls over, knocks into your grill and charcoal goes flying everywhere. What happens?” –Emily.

Mike chimes in, “Well what do you do? You’re really in a tough position, because you actually can’t pick up the charcoal with your bare hands. So what you do Is hope you have the right decking material and it doesn’t burn up.”

Mike is definitely right.

Most charcoal is designed to burn at 600° F for at least an hour. If you have the wrong material in your deck, who will be the winner in Decking vs Charcoal?

The DeckBusters tested out hot charcoal on four different decking materials: composite, capstock composite, cedar and Advantage Ipe.

Obviously, they all had a reaction to the hot charcoal sitting on them. Some fared better than others. You’ll be able to see in the video which materials you’ll be able to repair, and which ones you’ll need to replace completely.

So if you happen to have a deck that’s made out of a material that you can’t be replaced if the grill tips over, be extra careful. Place your grill out of the way of foot traffic. If there are kids playing, enforce a three foot safety zone around the grill. If you have a crazy Aunt Shirley, just keep her away from the grill.

If a grill does get knocked over on your deck:

  • Keep kids and pets away from the spilled area.
  • Do not attempt to pick up coals with your bare hands.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher handy.
  • If a fire does start, get everyone off the deck and out of the house and call 911.

What decking material performs the best in the war of decking vs charcoal?

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