The DeckWise Drill and Drive Video

May 27, 2014 10:19 am
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DeckWise Drill and Drive: Drill, Flip, Drive!

Hello! My name is Becky, I’m with and this is the DeckWise™ Drill and Drive.

Are you tired of switching between two drills when you’re installing hardwood decking? Finally, there is a product that makes predrilling and driving screws a whole lot easier! The DeckWise™ Drill and Drive is a 3-in-1 tool that allows you to pre-drill, countersink, and drive screws into any decking material.

Predrill the decking

Flip the Drill and Drive

Drive the stainless steel screw into the decking.

It takes less than 15 seconds to predrill, countersink, and drive the screws into your hardwood decking material.

With the Drill & Drive your work will be three times faster than before, and you’ll never go back to traditional drilling and driving again. If you’re a contractor you’ll realize how much faster and more productive your work days will be, and for homeowners: this is the perfect tool for around the house fixes. You’ll wonder how you ever built a deck, or fixed anything around your home without this tool.

Using stainless steel screws with the DeckWise Drill and Drive is the best way to ensure that you’re building a deck that will last. Galvanized screws don’t give you the reliability or strength that stainless steel screws do. Plus, if you live close to salt water, you’ll need stainless steel screws to prevent corrosion of the fasteners.

Each Drill & Drive Kit Includes:

-Quick change locking collar to secure tool

-1/8” high speed drill bit & 3/8” countersink tool with T10 Star Drive Bit

-(2) 7/64” drill bit & 5/16” countersink

-1/8” drill bit & 3/8” countersink

-R1 square drive top

-T15 Star Drive Tip

-#3 Phillips Drive Tip

-#2 Phillips Drive Tip

The DeckWise Drill and Drive is manufactured here in the United States. Your purchase of this product will help fuel local jobs here and our economy.
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