DIY – Cutting Deck Tiles Perpendicular

May 6, 2016 11:25 am
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How to Cut Deck Tiles – Perpendicular

“What do you do when you have to cut a deck tile perpendicular to the board?”

Unfortunately, very few spaces are designed for a perfect fit of our 20×20 or 24×24 deck tiles. In this video we will show you how to cut a deck tile perpendicular to the board.

“First, remove the diagonal support on the back of the tile.”

This is the diagonal piece on the back of the deck tile. Remove all of the screws and set them off to the side. You will need these later when you replace this piece.

“Cut across the boards with the horizontal backers still attached. This will keep the boards from moving while you cut.”

This can be a dangerous step. Make sure you have read all manufactures instructions on the tools you’re using before making ANY cuts.

“After you’re done cutting, remove one horizontal support and attach it.”

Remember, you are working with hardwoods. It’s important to predrill before you attach the horizontal support. Use the piece as a template so you know where the screw holes need to go.

“Replace the diagonal backer by measuring it and trimming off the access.”

Lay the backer on top of the boards and measure out where you need to cut. After you have cut the backer to the appropriate size, reattach the piece with the stainless steel screws you set off to the side earlier.

“Don’t forget to predrill and be sure to end seal all fresh cuts.”

End sealing is an important step. The fresh cuts, when left exposed, can eventually cause checking of the boards. End sealing keeps the moisture of the wood in and keeps them from twisting, warping, cupping and checking.

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