How to Donate to our National Forests

June 16, 2016 9:02 am
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How to Donate to our National Forests – Get Involved

With diminishing federal budgets and reallocation of funds, organizations like the National Forest Foundation have had to find new ways to help pay for the restoration project on forests across the country. In this video we meet with Karen DiBari and hear how to donate to our national forests.

The National Forest Foundation, through people like Karen DiBari have been pioneering new projects and new ways to make it easier for companies and individuals to do their part in helping save our national forests. By making donations companies and individuals are investing in the future of the forest to make sure that it is there for future generations to enjoy and take care of. These forests, like the Ocala National Forest, are home to many endangered species. This protected habitat is just part of what is helping keep these species from going extinct. With responsible forestry and proper logging methods across the country and the world we can help prevent illegal logging and deforestation that is effecting the worlds forests.

Since 1992 has had a commitment to sustainable forestry. We have always had the belief the forest should be valued and not destroyed. For more than 20 years we have ensured that the wood we sell comes from renewable, sustainable resources, and is in fact, a positive contribution to the environment.

The Ocala National Forest located in Central Florida is the oldest national forest east of the Mississippi River. It stands at upwards of 400,000 acres, protecting a variety of threatened and endangered species of animals and plant life by providing them a safeguarded habitat. The forest garners a lot of attention and is a popular tourist attraction in Florida thanks to it’s size and it’s location.

Preserving and maintaining our national forests is a necessity and we strive to make sure that our forests remain strong and healthy.

To learn more about our sustainability efforts, or to learn about how your lumber purchase be lead to a healthier forest, contact us today!