Elegant Cumaru Dock in Newport Beach, Ca – Video

May 21, 2014 2:04 pm
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Beautiful, Natural Cumaru Dock

John and David Cole are a father son construction team in Los Angeles, California.  In this video they speak about a special client of theirs and why they decided to build a cumaru dock.

It gives them ultimate satisfaction when they leave a job knowing they’ve left their client with the best product possible.

John says, “We’ve been in business in this location for the past 35 years. For us it’s important to leave our client with a product that not only looks good when we walk away, but as it patinas, and naturally does what wood products do, it actually looks better over the years. I think this a product that fits that bill.”

David continues, “One of the reasons we selected cumaru for this dock is the owner’s desire to have the natural light patina gray color.”

This cumaru dock looks gorgeous as patinas, but it also maintains its dimensional stability as it ages.

“We wanted a wood that would be stable and would have some longevity.” John says, “We didn’t want to have to come back and fix this year after year.”

You would think that having a cumaru dock that will actually patina in a few years, that maybe the homeowner considered a composite dock.

David explains, “He did consider composite decking and did not like the way it performed after he toured some sights and evaluated the appearance after several years. He just wasn’t pleased.”

John adds to that statement, “Out client noticed looking at this product versus some of the plastic products, its natural wood grain, and he is a purist, he likes to see the wood. He wants things that are also from sustainable sources and this fit all his criteria. It’s the product that we went with and we couldn’t be happier.”

When asked how they thought this cumaru dock with hold up over the years, there was no doubt from John or David that it would hold up tremendously.

“We don’t expect this dock to deteriorate,” says David.

He continues, “I feel very good about this product. We have used a number of difference wood products as well as composites, and I would say that the overall experience we’ve had with this has been the best one”
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