ExtremeKD Gray Hidden Deck Fasteners Video

May 27, 2014 11:28 am
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ExtremeKD Gray Hidden Deck Fastener Pairs Well With a Patina Deck

Hello! My name is Lauren with AdvantageLumber.com and this is the Ipe Clip ExtremeKD Gray Hidden Deck Fastener from DeckWise®

Do you love the appearance of a mature silver gray hardwood deck? Do you want the surface to be clear of any type of fasteners? While your hardwood deck has natural tones and hues, if left untreated, it will weather to a smooth patina. This is why the ExtremeKD Gray Hidden Deck Fastener is the perfect choice for your new deck. These fasteners will blend in seamlessly when your deck begins to turn to its natural gray color.

The ExtremeKD Hidden Deck Fastener is designed for Kiln-Dried decking that requires 1/4” gap spacing. Kiln drying is just a process in how the decking is dried to the best moisture content for installation. When decking isn’t dried properly, whether its air dried or kiln dried, it can cause twisting of the boards after the installation. This can also cause headaches as you may need to replace these boards. This is why the drying process is extremely important.  These fasteners have maximum holding power, while allowing the kiln dried decking to expand and contract naturally.

The hardened stainless steel insert, and durable polyethylene holds the fastener tighter to the joist than other traditional fasteners. At the end of your project you’ll have a deck with a smooth appearance, superior weather resistance, and strong fasteners.


Each Ipe Clip ExtremeKD Gray Hidden Deck Fastener Complete Kit includes:

–             175 Ipe Clip ExtremeKD Gray Hidden Deck Fasteners

–             190 Stainless steel T10 Star Drive Screws

–             12 3/8” Tapered Ipe Plugs

–             1 1/8” High Speed Drill Bit

–             Screw Gun Driver Bit

–             3 1/4” Spacer Tools

–             And an instruction Sheet

The ExtremeKD Gray Hidden Deck Fastener is an American made product. Not only will you be purchasing a quality deck fastener, but you’ll be supporting jobs right here in the United States.
extremekd gray hidden deck fastener