FSC Cumaru Deck and Dock

May 6, 2016 2:20 pm
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FSC Cumaru on LEED Platinum Certified Home

In Belleair Beach, Florida we meet Sherry. Her and her husband have been working on this LEED Platinum certified home and decided to use FSC Cumaru for the deck and dock on the home.

“We chose the FSC Certified Cumaru because this is a LEED Registered Project. LEED is a voluntary program, the whole focus of it is to be careful in your choice of resources, and careful in your consumption of energy. A lot of the work is really done ahead of time. You’re home has to be designed for the LEED Program. We learned a lot about how to make our home as energy and resource efficient as possible.”

Sherry goes on to tell us how the deck, fence and dock were designed.

“My husband and I pretty much designed the entire house. My husband helped the contractor with every step of the deck. He was usually the cut guy. He actually made all of the plugs to cover up any facescrews that were needed.”

She tells us how the fence design came to be.

“The fence design, my husband designed based on something that we saw on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s a modern take on old Appalachian Fences. The advantage with this is that it leaves a clean side on both sides of the fence. As you can see, we’re right next door to a park, so it’s nice for the park visitors to have a nice fence to look at.”

Watch the video to see how Sherry and her husband like their new outdoor space.

AdvantageLumber.com is a FSC Certified supplier. Our North Carolina mill is FSC certified and soon our Florida mill will be certified to store and ship FSC Certified decking.

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