Gorgeous Garapa Hardwood Video – Anderson, SC

May 21, 2014 10:38 am
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Garapa Hardwood Gives Homeowner the Outside Space of Her Dreams

In this video you’ll meet Ruth D, of Anderson, SC. She wanted to bring the outdoors onto her beautiful home with garapa hardwood.

“We were given several choices of decking, and Advantage Garapa from AdvantageLumber.com was far above the best, and because we wanted to bring the outdoors onto our house and it flow with the stone and the trees and the grass, and that’s the one that fit the best.”

Not only did they use the garapa hardwood for decking, but they added an outdoor shower, a potting bench, stairs, and even installed the wood to look like siding. The various widths of the garapa hardwood gives the project and nice design element.

“We used it for our potting bench area, and a shower to come in off the water. It’s peaceful. Everything flows perfectly. I love it.”

Ruth could not have picked a better material for an outdoor shower and area to come in off the water. Garapa hardwood has great slip resistant qualities. It also has superior mold and mildew resistance, so even after it gets wet, it will remain structurally sound.

Kevin Brady, the contractor on this particular project, really enjoyed working with the garapa. This in turn made Ruth extremely happy, not only with the installation, but how Advantage Lumber had the product in stock.

“The installation was great. You had the product available. It went in very smoothly, and we’re just thrilled about the outcome.”

After all is said and done, Ruth was very pleased with the product and the customer service she received while working with Advantage Lumber.

“We would use garapa, or any of their other products from AdvantageLumber.com”

Watch Part II of this wonderful garapa decking installation here and hear from Kevin Brady, the contractor on the project, why he likes working with garapa and AdvantageLumber.com.
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