Gorgeous Garapa Lumber – Anderson, SC

June 11, 2014 9:38 am
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Garapa Lumber Brings Warmth to Outdoor Area

Kevin Brady of BMG Construction in Anderson, SC built this deck out of garapa lumber for his client. He really enjoys working with hardwoods. Watch the video to find out why!

“Well, what we did with that garapa lumber was we used is as a scree wall to hide the owners planting tools. We also did an enclosed showers, did all the steps to her decks and we built the walls to varying heights so that while you’re in the shower you can actually look out at the lake and then you’re screen on all other sides for privacy.”

They also built an outdoor art room for the client.

“The client decided that she wanted us to add an outdoor art room for her where she could work on her stained glass and be inspired by the water, trees and beauty of the garapa lumber that she’s come to love so much.”

Kevin continues.

“All we did was basically build a garapa lumber screen wall so she can hang her artwork and she’ll have natural light and ventilation and be inspired by the outdoors.”

Kevin goes on to walk about why he and his partner love the exotic hardwoods.

“We like the exotics, mainly because, first of all we always like working with really natural products. The composites have too many limitations. They say they’re great and then after five years you find out this doesn’t work and that doesn’t work, but with a product like an exotic hardwood, it’s time tested. IT’s been around forever, you know how it’s going to behave, and you know how it’s going to work. We just like that you cannot fake the natural wood grains and true natural colors.”

AdvantageLumber.com prides itself on custom milling and quick turnaround.

“All of the order turnaround time was quick. If it’s at the mill, they have it milled to your specifications, customizes, they do whatever you want.”

Now that the project is done, Kevin, and his client, couldn’t be happier.
“It turned out great. Having the garapa lumber has opened up a whole new color palate so to speak. You get the honeys, you get the grain, and it’s just such a warm tone and inviting color. We will always use products from AdvantageLumber.com. We love the look, we love the pop, we love the color. We love everything you get from a true exotic. We’ve always been pleased with it, we’ve used it for years and we’ll continue to use it.”

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