Gray Deck Tiles – Buffalo, NY

April 28, 2016 2:07 pm
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Buffalo, New York is definitely known for it’s long extreme winters, but with the summer being mild, it makes for a great time to get outside and enjoy the perfect weather. But, what are you to do when no materials seem to hold up severe seasonal changes? You choose a reliable material such as Advantage Hardwoods.

Leah and her husband own a charming classic home in Buffalo, NY. They have the perfect space outside to entertain guests when the weather is favorable, but they needed a material that would hold up to several years of changing seasons.

Her husband was referred to and they visited the showroom that is location on Ohio Street right on the Buffalo River. In this location we have a fully functioning lumber mill the produces hardwood decking, deck tiles and accessories. There Leah and her husband were able to see all of their options laid out in front of them and allowed them to make a decision based on what they saw.

They were able to see how easy the deck tile installation was. They had all their questions answered by the sales team in Buffalo and were able to leave our facility confident in their decision of Advantage Deck Tiles.

A couple years after the installation they now have gray deck tiles that have matured evenly. Customers often ask what happens when they get gray deck tiles, or gray decking for that matter, is there anyway to reverse the aging? There absolutely is. When your decking turns gray, all you need to do is give it a good wash, maybe a little sanding, and apply Ipe Oil, and just like that, your gray deck tiles are now fully restored.

Watch the video to see the full interview with Leah, her dog even makes an appearance, and see why her and her husband are so happy with the outcome of their project.