Honey Gold Garapa Decking

May 2, 2016 11:39 am
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Honey Gold Garapa Decking on Coastal Florida Home

On this Episode of “Your Neck of the Woods,” we meet Ken from Nokomis, Florida to see how he installed his personal honey gold garapa deck.

It took him about six months, by working part time, to complete the installation of the honey gold garapa decking. He had some skills with working with hardwoods, and all the right tools, so he had an advantage with building the deck himself.

Upon delivery Ken began working on the deck boards. He went the extra mile and took time to seal each side of the boards with Ipe OIl. Although this is not a required step in the process, we do recommend it, it helps give the wood and little extra protection and stability to hold up against the elements of nature. It does take quite a bit of time to go through a process like this, but Ken felt that it was worth it.

After he finished the installation of the honey gold garapa, he had some time to enjoy his handiwork. Ken is retired so him and his wife had plenty of time to step outside for a cup of coffee and to just enjoy the Florida sun.

No shoes required.

One of the reasons why Ken chose the honey gold garapa decking was the hardwood’s ability to not get hot, even when it is sitting directly in the path of the hot Florida sun. You also don’t have to worry about splinters, so bare feet can enjoy the feel of the natural hardwood without safety concerns.

Nokomis is a short drive to our Sarasota, Florida facility. When Ken was getting down to the last few boards on his project, he needed to have them milled to his exact specifications. He brought the boards to our facility, we milled them, and he took them home all in the same day.

As a fully functioning lumber mill, we are able to provide you with fast and convenient service.