How to Apply End Grain Sealant Video

May 23, 2014 3:53 pm
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End Grain Sealant – Why is it Important?

Using a wax emulsion end grain sealant prevents end splitting and checking on your deck boards.

To properly apply end grain sealant dip the end of your brush in the end grain sealant. Gently wipe excess sealant off along the rim.

Apply evenly to the end of each board using short light strokes.

Be sure to cover the entire end area of the board.

Let’s take a look at the wrong way to apply end grain sealant.

End grain sealant makes a wax barrier to protect against moisture. If you apply sealant this way (as seen in the video) it can cause a slippery surface and discolor the wood. Not to mention, it will create a huge mess.

If you accidently get some end grain sealant on the surface of the wood, simply wipe it off before it sets.

End splitting occurs when the wood gains or loses moisture too rapidly. Most moisture is gained and lost through the end grain of the wood.

In this example, (as seen in the video) the bottom two boards were left untreated while the top two were given a single coat of end grain sealant. The sealed boards look like new while the untreated boards are riddled with cracks and splits.

These end splits can affect the surface of the wood as well. A simple coat of end grain sealant prevents these cracks and keeps your deck looking beautiful.

Applying an end grain sealant to your decking is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your decking will age without splitting and checking. The best part is you only have to apply this product once!

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