Installing Deck Tiles on a Terrace – Video

May 23, 2014 3:47 pm
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Installing Deck Tiles on a Terrace is Easy!

Is your balcony looking under the weather? Do you wish there was a simple solution to revamping your space without doing too much work? Well, you’re in luck! Deck tiles from give you exactly what you need, without the sweat and tears of building a deck out of full length hardwood.

Installing ipe Deck Tiles from gives you a quick and elegant solution to an otherwise bland balcony or terrace.

The most important thing to do before installing the deck tiles on your balcony is to make sure there is proper drainage. To ensure adequate water runoff we recommend the substructure be pitches away from the house at least 1/4“ per 10 feet.

Using deck tiles connectors you can transform your upstairs terrace into an attractive and relaxing atmosphere.

Before installing deck tiles along a wall or corner, you must first score the connector. Using a utility knife, cut along the grooves of the connector and then bend and snap the connector in half. Repeat the process to cut into quarters.

Installing deck tiles couldn’t be easier. Simply place the corners of your deck tile into the black pine tree fasteners of the deck tile connectors, and then press down to secure the tiles in place.

Continue this process in the pattern style of your choosing.

If you ever decide to move from your current home too, you can take the deck tiles with you! Just pick them up and remove the deck tile connectors and you’ve got a deck you can transport!

As you can see, each deck tiles only takes seconds to place, and before you know it your terrace becomes your personal getaway. You can make this a DIY family project, or something you can do by yourself in a day! Whichever you choose, you’ll be left with a gorgeous outdoor space that you completed.
 installing deck tiles