Balcony Remodel of Ipe Decking Tiles – Video

May 20, 2014 2:46 pm
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Transform Your Balcony with ipe Decking Tiles

In this video, you’ll hear what Mike Tricomi has to say about using the Advantage Lumber ipe decking tile system with the deck tile connectors. This beautiful balcony is located in St. Petersburg, Fl and is outfitted with smooth 20×20 ipe decking tiles. These tiles are long lasting and easy to install.

Mike says, “It’s a good product. With the deck tiles and the deck tile connectors, it’s definitely a quick and easy way to achieve a really clean and engineered look.”

When the deck tile system is laid with the deck tile connectors, you’re left with such an easy installation, that it takes no time at all to complete a project.

He continues, “I used the deck tile connectors. The connectors do a good job at keeping the corners at the same height so there’s not a tripping hazard or anything. All the four corners come and meet together pretty well, and they do a good job at holding it down also. Definitely, the connectors make a big difference with the predrilled holes, and made the installation really quick and easy.”

The hardest part for Mike was trimming the ipe decking tiles around the edges and the posts to ensure the fit was perfect.

He says, “Once you get your layout correct you just run them out, and aside from doing some cuts with the jigsaw around the posts, that probably took the most time out of anything. It’s 500 square feet [installed] in probably less than a day, when it’s all said and done.”

A 500 square foot area, with cuts for posts, only took a day!? This lucky homeowner was able to leave for work, and by the time they came home, they had an entirely new outdoor space to enjoy.

“The quality of the wood, the ipe, is very good. The uniformity is very good. The deck tiles from Advantage Trim & Lumber and the deck tile connectors system really works well. It’s quick and easy to install. It just looks a million times better.”
ipe decking tiles