Ipe Wood Warms up Seal Beach Home – Video

May 21, 2014 2:25 pm
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Ipe Wood Tiles and Decking Will Last in Seaside Home – Video

Seal Beach is a small beach town in Orange County. This is also the place that Mark calls home. He and his wife did a complete renovation on their home that sits close to the beach. They needed an outdoor material that would be able to hold up because of their close proximity to the saltwater, so they chose ipe wood tiles and tongue and groove ipe wood decking.

“Originally we were looking for materials that would tolerate the outdoor environment. We’re about 1000 feet from the beach, most woods don’t survive here. I was originally looking at teak, and I realized it was way out of my budget so I was looking for alternatives and ipe wood turned out to be a better solution.”

Mark decided that ipe wood tiles would work better for what he was trying to achieve in this project.

“The deck tiles that we’re sitting on are the Advantage Ipe Deck Tiles, and they were actually the easiest part of the entire project.”

The Advantage Deck Tile system is designed to be an easy solution to revamping existing outdoor spaces.

“Overall, the project here on this deck took two hours, start to finish. It’s a second story deck, the worst part about the entire thing was schlepping all the tiles up the stairs, but once they got up the stairs, it went up pretty quickly.”

This isn’t the first project that Mark has used Advantage Ipe on. He constructed a few gates and a bench out of tongue and groove ipe wood as well.

“The first project I started on was some gates for the property. I was looking for a material that would be good with the weather and have a nice warm rich tone. I took the tongue and groove that’s originally sold for decking and I ran it through my planer to clean up both sides and then filled the gates with that. The second project was the bench down in the fire pit area and that’s also made with the tongue and groove.”

When we asked him how he felt about the finished project he told us,

“My wife is happy. If she’s happy I’m happy.”
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