Polished Garapa Deck in Laguna Beach – Video

May 21, 2014 2:22 pm
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Garapa Deck Looks Sleek and Modern

In Laguna Beach you have pristine beaches and world class artists all in one small seaside town. There is also one couple, Keith and Jana, that have a beautiful newly renovated home with a sleek garapa deck. Their deck gives them the most sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean.

“When we started to remodel the house, the deck was really important to use because of the view. We wanted to entertain out on the deck so we worked with an architect to select a good hardwood. We ended up with garapa, and we fell in love with it right away.”

Keith really likes how this garapa deck compliments their white house and really warms up the exterior.

“It’s a white house and I love that the garapa deck warms it up, especially from the street looking up at the house.”

Jana continues, “You not only see it up here, but you see from under.”

“And with the glass and the steel railing, I think it really sets it off, “says Keith of the overall look.

The stairs that lead up to the deck and the front door had a unique design to them that set them apart from traditional stairs.

“So the stairs leading up to the house are kind of a feature. The architects spent a lot of time on the design and we really like that it’s unique and interesting as opposed to having a thick decking.”

Jana goes on, “It makes it look much more contemporary and streamlines for the look we were trying to get”

They didn’t just stop at the deck, they decided to use some left over pieces from their garapa deck to build a little privacy fence in their backyard.

“After we were done installing the deck, we had quite a bit of leftovers and we have a block wall in the back that’s painted white. We thought ‘Let’s take the extra wood and put it on top to give us, sort of, a privacy fence.’ When we were done it was great and really tied the backyard to the front yard.”

Overall this project went without a hitch for Keith and Jana and they absolutely love entertaining out on their garapa deck.

“We’ve only been in the house for 2 months since we’ve done the remodel and we’ve already had a number of people over and this is where everyone congregates. IT’s the perfect spot to hang out.”

Jana concludes, “They sit for hours, they lose track of time. We’re just very happy. We love it!”
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