Rooftop with Anti-Slip Ipe Deck Tiles

May 2, 2016 10:46 am
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Anti-Slip Ipe Deck Tiles on Rooftop Deck

Tappo is a restaurant in Downtown Buffalo that serves American Italian cuisine and boasts $16 bottles of wine. The word “tappo” means “cork” in Italian, and that is definitely the theme of this eatery. The interior of this establishment is lined with corks. Wood, bricks and stainless steel all compliment the design, but the anti-slip ipe deck tiles on the rooftop deck are what really give this place a special style.

You walk through the main dining area, up a stairway to the rooftop deck. It’s lined with tables, and even a bar. The anti-slip ipe deck tiles give a nice uniform look. They deck tiles are made out of the same quality hardwood as our ipe decking. This means that you will have the same durability and lifespan as our regular long length decking.

The anti-slip ipe deck tiles were a great choice for this commercial application. The anti-slip surface gives you more traction, so safety doesn’t have to be a concern. The material makes for easy clean up, even if there is a spilled wine or dropped lasagna. The installation is easy when the DeckWise® Deck Tile Connectors are used, they snap into place with easy in any pattern you desire.

The anti-slip ipe deck tiles on this rooftop deck will allow for impressive views of historical buildings in downtown, especially the Electric Tower. Buffalo has made incredible use of historical buildings over the years and Tappo is a good example of what can come from restoration rather than demolition.

Even with the harsh winters of Upstate New York, these anti-slip ipe deck tiles will thrive. The hardwood is tough and can resist the seasonal changes as well as all of the foot traffic. Even though these tiles have grayed out too, the color could easily be brought back with some Ipe Oil.

These may be gray deck tiles, but they've held up to harsh Buffalo winters.