Why Short Length Decking is Perfect for Your Project

June 4, 2014 11:15 am
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The Benefits of Short Length Decking

Paul Rozelle built a rustic grade ipe dock out of short length decking.

“After I contacted AdvantageLumber.com and spoke with Shawn about the ipe they had in stock, and exactly how much I needed, he informed me that they had a number of short pieces of 4 foot long 5/4x ipe. They had collected these up in lots over time and they had it at a substantial price savings over the longer sections of ipe.”

Did You Know?
You can save up to 60% on short length decking versus buying longer lengths that you have to cut yourself.

Paul continues, “For doing docks, most people want 8’, 12’ or 16’, or even longer boards. Since this project, as you can is, is a dock, we now have a 48” wide dock at a substantial savings. This is much better than having to cut down the longer boards. It was a marriage of convenience if you want to go with the shorter boards.”

Did You Know?
Short length decking boards are available for all major species including: ipe, cumaru, tigerwood and garapa!

Robert Hopkins also used short length deck boards to build a dock.

“When we were shopping for the ipe, we noticed it was considerably more expensive than the number 1 or number 2 pine materials. Upon further investigation we found out that we can buy some shorts. The shorts were much more price competitive with the pine so we bought the shorts and were able to use those to build this dock.”

He continues, “The dock has 4” wide walkways and a 3” wide catwalk, so the shorts worked out real well for us.”

Did You Know?
Short length decking is used in a variety of project such as dock, cabinets, benches, outdoor furniture, stairs and more!

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