Tigerwood Enhances Clearwater, FL Restaurant – Video

May 21, 2014 10:29 am
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Advantage Tigerwood is Impressive at this Gulf Side Restaurant

Britt’s Island Grill is a restaurant located in Clearwater Beach, FL. Jonathan Jennings, the lead contractor on this restaurant remodel, had a couple of challenges when deciding on a material for the project, and as you’ll see in this video, he chose Advantage Tigerwood decking.

“We chose tigerwood because tigerwood has such a unique grain to it. It’s a hardwood, it is durable, and is has a strong PSI content to it, and if you’re using it as a raw factor, knowing the medium of what it is, you can use it for a lot of different variables, and in this particular project, I selected it for that medium purpose only.”

The biggest challenge was creating a feature piece out of the tigerwood decking that would not obstruct any of the gorgeous beach views that can be seen throughout the restaurant.

“We had an arched wall that we wanted to separate the entry from the dining room in this restaurant, but the owner didn’t want to lose his view of the beach and the patrons being able to see the sunset. We came up with this design that was this large wall that had cutouts and we know we wanted to use something that was warm and we played with a couple different mediums, but the only one that really made sense was the tigerwood.”

Creating arches with a hardwood seems like a difficult thing to do, but Mr. Jennings knew exactly what to do to achieve this look.

“We knew we had to play with some vertical arching to it and going in different directions so the only way we could do that was by kerfing the wood.”

Kerfing is the process of making little slits or cuts in the wood so it is able to bend easily.

The result from this is a beautiful curved archway with a basket weave pattern.

“I would definitely highly recommend AdvantageLumber.com to anybody that is working to compete with pricing and quality. Whether it be for any kind of project that you’re trying to do, whether it’s decking or not. Obviously, you can see through this project that the sky’s the limit.”