Timelapse – Cutting Laurel Oak WM1000

July 18, 2016 1:37 pm
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Timelapse – Cutting A Huge Laurel Oak Log On Our WM1000

If you’ve never seen a WM1000 at work, this is a perfect opportunity to see the capability this machine has. Recently we purchased a huge Laurel Oak log and we were eager to get it loaded onto our WM1000 and get this log cut into some very nice book matched wood slabs.

We had our mill operator, Dan, cutting the log into slabs, and later he got some help from one of our other sawmill operators, Dave, to help get the slabs stacked and ready to be put into our kilns. Each slab gets sprayed down on both sides in order to remove sawdust, dirt and minor debris from the milling process. This cleaning though also gives you a very good look at the nice grain pattern Laurel Oak has to offer. These slabs will be perfect for things like dining room tables, counter tops, cabinetry and more!

This is one of the largest logs we’ve cut here, but it was more than manageable thanks to our machinery on site. We can cut logs up to 67″ in diameter and make very large beautiful wood slabs for any of your woodworking needs. Cutting everything on site ourselves allows us to give you a better price than a traditional shop that purchases their wood from a third party seller. There’s no middle man here, you buy direct from the mill and save!

Laurel Oak goes by a few names such as Water Oak, Obtusa Oak and Swamp Laurel Oak. It has a Janka Hardness of 1210 putting it above the likes of Cherry, Teak, Southern Yellow Pine, and even Black Walnut. It’s got a creamy straw colored sap wood with a heartwood of olive green and brown tones.

To get in touch with our sales staff about Laurel Oak feel free to contact us today and get a quote! You can also visit our dedicated wood slabs website at WoodSlabs.com to browse our selection of woods!call-to-action-psd