Tour the Mill – Sarasota, Florida

June 20, 2016 12:00 pm
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Get An Inside Look – Our Mill In Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota Florida has been home to the corporate headquarters for a number of years, but this location didn’t have a mill until 2014. However in a short span this location has become one of our larger locations and a key part in our operations.

In this video we talk to David James our Location Manager, about what makes our Sarasota location great and what sets apart from our competitors.

This location offers all of our main decking options like Ipe, Cumaru, Tigerwood and more. On top of that Sarasota specializes in domestic hardwoods and wood slabs thanks in part to our sawmills on site that can handle logs up to 64″ in diameter. Our machinery allows us to offer a great variety of products to our customers as well as customers working in woodworking trades such as furniture making and wood turning.

Currently our Facility stands at 70,000 square feet on 5 acres of property. This location however only continues to grow as we expand our offerings to our customers. We are always looking for new products to offer our customers, from decking accessories, to turning blanks and wood panels, we have a wide variety of products to help our customers in many ways.

With our domestic hardwood programs we are able to take logs that are harvested locally and turn them into usable material, when they normally might have been converted into mulch or firewood material. we can cut the wood to any size and our customers can then take it and make some beautiful, long lasting furniture or decorative items.

This location is also FSC certified. FSC certification means that the decking we sell that is FSC certified has been under strict supervision every step of the way from logging all the way to your door step. The Forest Stewardship Council stands to make sure that the forests are being responsibly managed. Forest products are a part of our everyday lives from paper products to the very homes we live in. The FSC stands to ensure that those products are being created in responsible, sustainable ways.

Customers are always free to stop by our Sarasota location to learn more about the company as a whole as well as the operations we complete on a daily basis here. We have a full sales staff waiting to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us for a free quote on your next decking project!