Treasured Landscapes, Unforgettable Experiences

June 16, 2016 3:20 pm
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Treasured Landscapes, Unforgettable Experiences – Ocala National Forest

Treasured Landscapes, Unforgettable Experiences is a conservation effort where The National Forest Foundation selected 14 sites across the country where they wanted to highlight integrated restoration projects that could also engage the Public in recreation. The sites are spread all across the United States, with the Ocala National Forest being the most southern treasured landscape site.

Ocala National Forest has the largest protected contiguous sand pine scrub forest. Ocala is also home to a large population of Long Leaf Pine trees, and many lakes, rivers, and springs. There is a great diversity of habitats and wildlife protected here and it’s a great source of natural resources.

The Treasured Landscapes, Unforgettable Experience program seeks to find ways to add value to the forests to make citizens appreciate the forest for the benefits it offers and make use of the recreational areas therein.

The National Forest Foundation was created in 1993 by a charter from Congress in order to work with the US Forest Service. Since then the foundation has made it it’s mission to bring communities across the country together with national programs that promote the health and public enjoyment of our National Forest Systems. This is founded by the belief that community should play a large role in determining the future of the 193 million acres of land that make up our nations national forests and grasslands.

They have numerous programs like the National Conservation Campaign, Youth Engagement programs, and Tree-Planting Initiatives that are all aimed at raising awareness for the issues our forests have and the steps the community can take to set things in motion for restoration efforts and more.

They’ve also created the Tree For US program that helps get businesses both big and small involved in a tree planting program. This helps businesses deliver a good message on proper environmental benefits and taking care of our eco-system.

To learn more about the National Forest foundation feel free to visit their website here and see the other programs they’ve initiated over the years. To learn more about’s involvement with Tree for Us, follow this link.