Untreated Ipe Looks Marvelous in this Video

May 21, 2014 1:57 pm
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Untreated Ipe Give Homeowners a Relaxing Outdoor Space

Siesta Key, Florida has the world’s finest whitest sand. This is why Ron and his wife spend the majority of the year here when they’re not in Maryland.  Since Florida is a home away from home, they wanted to add some charm to their seasonal residence and add an outdoor area.  The untreated ipe deck gave them just that.

“We had an outdoor dilapidated composite platform that had a stairway that led down to a gravel parking area. We wanted to blend the garden in with the outdoors and get some more outdoor living space.”

So what made them decide to go with untreated ipe for their new outdoor space? They have actually used ipe in past projects!

“We were looking for an ipe wood product and we had used ipe wood in other projects. We knew of its beauty and durability. It blends with the garden. WE now have an outdoor living space for cooking, lounging, for just having fun. We love it.”

When Ron and his wife come to Florida they enjoy seeing how well their untreated ipe deck is doing under the harsh, humid conditions of the south.

“Coming back from out home in Maryland to Sarasota and seeing the deck, every time I see it, it’s been two or three times now, I fall in love with it over and over again. Seeing the beauty of the garden and the coming together and creating this outdoor living area, it just made our experience here a lot fuller. We really enjoy it.”

Working with AdvantageLumber.com has been an experience they have both enjoyed and the product has been everything they have hoped for.

“My wife and I love this place and we a lot to the product that was put into it and the advice that was given to us along the way from Advantage Lumber was just great.”
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