1 x 2 Ipe

June 8, 2016 3:38 pm
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1 x 2 Ipe – Versatile with Numerous Applications

1 x 2 Ipe is a versatile dimensional size of Ipe that has many applications. It is a great for Moulding, Outdoor Furniture, Inlays for stair Treads, Lattices, Railing Spindles and more! 1 x 2 Ipe is milled slowly in our warehouse to a net ‘finished’ dimensions of approximately 3/4″ x 1 1/2″. It is available in lengths from three to twenty feet.

Working with 1 x 2 ipe is ideal if you want to build structures that are durable and resilient to insects and harsh climates. This dense material is a great option if long-lasting and very low maintenance materials are on your wish-list.

Ipe’s botanical name is Tabebuia, but it also goes by Brazilian walnut and Ironwood. An untreated piece of Ipe has a deep rich brown color with some pieces emblazoning red and amber hues. If left untreated Ipe will naturally mature to a smooth silver patina.

With it’s verified capability to resist wood rot, mold, decay and wood boring insects, Ipe is a great options for customers who want a lifelong low upkeep wood. It has been shown to outlast hardwood alternatives and composite materials. This is thanks to its high density and built in oils. Its dense grain also gives Ipe plenty of other benefits. It has a proven lifespan of up to 75 years. You won’t have to worry about replacing your project for decades to come. It is also be resistant to cracking and splintering. It will require little maintenance over its lifespan while retaining its great benefits. To keep the deck clean all that is needed is a periodic surface cleaning.

To retain Ipe’s gorgeous colors you can simply apply an occasional coating of Ipe Oil. Ipe Oil is a great product that will help preserve the deep brown, red and amber hues of your decking project.

Ipe will outperform any hardwood alternatives in any climate. It has been proven to outshine these products during its lifespan while providing a sophisticated look to any home or job site.

For more information about Ipe feel free to contact us and get your free 1 x 2 Ipe quote!Ipe-Call-to-Action