1 x 4 + Plus Ipe

June 14, 2016 3:25 pm
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1 x 4 + Plus Ipe – Unparalleled Beauty for Your Deck

When you step onto a deck made of Ipe decking, you are walking onto a structure made of some of nature’s most durable & beautiful hardwood. 1 x 4 +Plus Ipe is a thicker variation of our regular 1 x 4 lumber, that provides you stronger more resilient boards with affordability in mind. these boards are 2 mm thicker than our regular profile, which may not sound like a big difference, but the benefits can be huge.

Our + Plus profile in slowly milled in our warehouses across the country to a net ‘finished’ dimension of approximately 21 mm x 3 1/2″. It is available in lengths of up to twenty feet long.

Ipe’s botanical name is Tabebuia. It is also sometimes called Brazilian Walnut and Ironwood. An untreated piece of Ipe has a deep rich brown color with some boards showing red and amber tones. If left untreated, Ipe will naturally mature to a smooth silver patina.

If you are looking to retain Ipe’s beautiful colors you can simply apply an occasional coating of Ipe Oil. Ipe Oil does a great job of preserving the deep brown, red and amber hues of your decking project. With Ipe Oil you can ensure that your deck will look like it was recently installed for years to come.

Ipe has a demonstrated ability to resist wood rot, mold, decay and wood boring insects. It is the best choice for customers who want a long lasting, sturdy decking material. It will outlast hardwood alternatives and composites during its lifespan. This is thanks to its high density and natural in grain oils. Its dense grain also gives Ipe plenty of other benefits. Tests by both the US Forest Products Laboratory and the US Naval Research Laboratory have shown that Ipe has a lifespan of 75 or more years.

You won’t have to worry about replacing your project for decades to come. It is resistant to cracking and splintering and will require very low maintenance through its lifespan. All while retaining its great benefits. An occasional surface washing is all that is necessary to ensure that your project will stay clean and beautiful.

Ipe will beat any hardwood alternatives in any climate. It has been proven to outperform these products during its lifespan while providing a beautiful sophisticated look to any home. If you’re like many customers who desire a dependable, attractive, and strong deck surface, then the selection of 1 x 4 + Plus is for you.

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