1 x 6 Tigerwood Tongue and Groove

August 5, 2016 2:56 pm
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1 x 6 Tigerwood Tongue and Groove – Impeccable Style & Durability for All covered Areas

1 x 6 Tigerwood Tongue and Groove is an excellent profile for a premium sunroom, porch, or covered patio. Tigerwood’s unique look will help make your covered porch stand out and bring an exotic feel to your outdoor area. This profile is slowly milled in our mills across the country down to a net ‘finished’ dimension of approximately 11/16″ thick by 5″ wide. It is available in lengths from four feet up to twenty feet long.

Tigerwood is known for it’s beautiful variation of colors, ranging from light golden brown, to reddish brown, with dark grain accents and dark brown streaks throughout. This combo of colors makes for an exotic splash of variation that makes each and every board very distinct.

Looks aren’t all that Tigerwood has going for it. In its dense grain Tigerwood packs in numerous benefits, including a high resistance to wood rot, mold, decay, and wood boring insects. You won’t have to worry about the strenght and durability of your project over it’s lifespan. Speaking of Lifespan Tigerwood is able to last up to and over 30 years. You won’t have to replace your project for decades to come. tigerwood is also very slip and scratch resistant. Making it a safe wood for bare feet, which is a very important facotr when building a patio or covered porch.

Tigerwood is also very low maintenance. It only requires an occasional surface washing to stay clean. If left untreated Tigerwood will naturally age to a smooth silvery patina. This process comes with age and consistant sun exposure. Many customers choose to let their projects patina as it makes for a almost no maintenance deck. However if you would prefer to retain Tigerwoods great color variations, an occasional application of Ipe Oil will do the trick. This UV protector helps Tigerwood fight the effects of sun exposure and helps lock in the natural colors.

Every board of Tigerwood we sell is harvested from well managed forests. We ensure that each piece we sell is from a sustainable properly managed source. We also offer FSC options. Wood monitored by the FSC is overlooked from logging all the way to installation at your home to ensure that the proper methods were used every step of the way.

1 x 6 Tigerwood Tongue and Groove is a great option for your sunroom, patio or other covered outdoor areas. It brings great looks and affordability to make for an excellent deal.

For more information on Tigerwood feel free to contact us. One of our sales staff would be more than happy to help you with any of your questions.tigerwood-call-to-action