1×6 +Plus Pregrooved Cumaru Decking Video

June 4, 2014 9:37 am
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1×6 +PLUS Pregrooved Cumaru Decking – Seamless and Beautiful

Hi! I am Tara with AdvantageLumber.com and this is 1×6 +PLUS pregrooved cumaru decking.

Cumaru decking has gorgeous color variations throughout each board. This hardwood is a long lasting, durable material. Not only does it look fantastic, but it’s strong and dense enough to resist rot, mold, decay, and even termite attacks.

When you choose our 1×6 +PLUS pregrooved cumaru decking you can create a deck that has:

Increased Stability

By adding an extra 2 millimeters in thickness, you get more stability over regular 1×6 decking. You almost get the stability of 5/4×6 material, but without the added cost.

A Long Lifespan

1×6 +PLUS pregrooved cumaru decking is a hardwood that was meant to last. Your deck will be able to see 50 years without any chemical treatments.

A Smooth Look

1×6 +PLUS pregrooved cumaru decking doesn’t splinter or crack. The dense grain of this hardwood allows it to maintain a smooth surface throughout its life.

The grain on this wood also makes it extremely slip resistant so if you want to build a dock, or revamp your old pool deck, this is the perfect material for you to use.

For families, it’s important to know that 1×6 +PLUS pregrooved cumaru decking is milled slowly to enhance the wood’s already excellent look. This also makes your cumaru deck comfortable to walk on since there are no visible screws penetrating the surface.

1×6 +PLUS pregrooved cumaru decking works with any type of hidden deck fastening system. We suggest the Ipe Clip hidden deck fasteners. These fasteners are designed to be used with air dried and kiln dried decking. They allow for natural expansion and contraction of the hardwood.

If you want a safer, more stable deck to enjoy for years to come, choosing 1×6 +PLUS pregrooved cumaru decking is a great choice.
1x6 +PLUS pregrooved cumaru decking