2×4 Cumaru Creates Long Lasting Pool Deck Video

May 20, 2014 6:31 pm
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2×4 Cumaru Decking Makes a Unique Pool Deck

Discover in this video, why Peter of Sarasota, FL chose 2×4 cumaru decking for his pool deck.

“Two years ago we had the old fashioned decking-pressure treated decking, and I decided I wanted the hardwood look and I purchased Cumaru.

Pressure treated decking can’t stand up against the harsh elements of the Florida climate. It tends to warp, crack, and wear down quickly. Cumaru is dense, strong, and long lasting compared to soft wood options.

“We went with 2×4 cumaru, mainly because I wanted the cumaru to offset the edging around the pool which is ipe. They’re different tones it’s [Cumaru] narrower and it’s thicker.”

Once you choose the decking option that is perfect for you, you need to find a contractor, which is the most important part of the entire deck building process. Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask them for references and insurance information.

“The best advice I can give somebody is make sure you get a good contractor that will follow the instructions and doe the good quality work to go with it.”

The 2×4 Cumaru decking had to be acclimated to the Florida climate, an important step for any decking material. It also had to be installed in a way that there was proper airflow around the decking. Having inadequate airflow can cause decking to warp and crack. Peter decided to do a little extra when installing the 2×4 Cumaru decking.

“On top of that we also made the spacing between the boards wider so that there was good air circulation.”

At the end of the project, Peter was very pleased with the customer service and product he received.

“Advantage Trim & Lumber, over 8 or 9 months, was extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend them. They’re helpful and the wood quality and the shipping and everything was on time.”
2x4 cumaru