Tongue & Groove 5/4×6 Massaranduba Decking Video

June 4, 2014 10:49 am
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This is Tongue & Groove 5/4×6 Massaranduba Decking

To infuse your porch or sunroom with natural beauty, our tongue & groove 5/4×6 massaranduba decking is the perfect solution. With its remarkable appearance and reliable performance, no other wood or composite material offers such a lush and rich looking surface.

Our tongue & groove 5/4×6 massaranduba decking is custom milled here in our US factories with craft and precision. This means every massaranduba deck board you receive in your order has been carefully milled to fit perfectly together.

South American hardwoods, such as massaranduba, have resistance against termites, mold, mildew, and wood rot. This is due to its extreme density. The tight grain makes it almost impossible for anything detrimental to even enter the board, therefore leaving you with a worry free surface.

Tongue & groove 5/4×6 massaranduba has an anti-slip surface which gives it a slip resistant surface.

Tongue & groove decking is make specifically for covered sunrooms and porches. This is because of the moisture content that the wood has. If tongue & groove decking was installed in an area where there’s too much moisture then there is a risk of it absorbing too much and buckling as it expands. Same thing for the opposite, if it’s in an area where the moisture will be removed, such as an open sunny area, then the wood shrinks. This in turn leads to popped nails and cracks, all of which you don’t want.

If you decide to leave the wood untreated it will eventually mature to a lovely silver patina. If you decide you love the rich red tones of this wood, then all you need to do is apply some Ipe Oil to keep those colors vibrant.

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tongue & groove 5/4x6 massaranduba