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Advantage Garapa – Honey Gold Decking Garapa from offers durability and beauty of a tropical hardwood deck for a fraction of the cost of teak, composites and ipe. Garapa is a one of a kind South American hardwood. Color variations range from a golden brown to a honey brown. Without a finish coating, it naturally ages to […]

Honey Gold Garapa Decking on Coastal Florida Home On this Episode of “Your Neck of the Woods,” we meet Ken from Nokomis, Florida to see how he installed his personal honey gold garapa deck. It took him about six months, by working part time, to complete the installation of the honey gold garapa decking. He […]

Garapa Lumber Brings Warmth to Outdoor Area Kevin Brady of BMG Construction in Anderson, SC built this deck out of garapa lumber for his client. He really enjoys working with hardwoods. Watch the video to find out why! “Well, what we did with that garapa lumber was we used is as a scree wall to […]

Garapa Extreme Plugs are the Easy Wood Plug Option Hello! Thank you for visiting My name is Lauren and these are Garapa Extreme Plugs! Garapa is a beautiful decking material. Each board displays light yellow to warm golden hues. These hues make this deck material an obvious choice over pressure treated pine for your […]

Garapa Deck Looks Sleek and Modern In Laguna Beach you have pristine beaches and world class artists all in one small seaside town. There is also one couple, Keith and Jana, that have a beautiful newly renovated home with a sleek garapa deck. Their deck gives them the most sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean. […]

This Garapa Wood Deck is the Ideal Family Space In San Clemente, California this family decided they needed a new deck so they could enjoy their stunning views off their back porch. In comes Jordan Sacher of Sacher Construction who builds them a garapa wood deck that not only looks fantastic, but is safe for […]

Garapa Decking Compliments California Home This extravagant home in Santa Ana, California was recently remodeled and needed a decking material that matched the aesthetic of the home. In this video, David Seawright tells us why it was important he chose a high end material such as Garapa decking for this gorgeous California home. “The reason we […]

Garapa Hardwood Gives Homeowner the Outside Space of Her Dreams In this video you’ll meet Ruth D, of Anderson, SC. She wanted to bring the outdoors onto her beautiful home with garapa hardwood. “We were given several choices of decking, and Advantage Garapa from was far above the best, and because we wanted to bring […]

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