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Massaranduba vs. Redwood Decking Welcome to, your best source for premium hardwood decking. Are you looking for a stunning new material for your new deck? One of the options we offer is Advantage Massaranduba. This Brazilian Redwood surpasses redwood in any applications and is a great choice for your project. Attractive and Versatile The […]

Pregrooved 5/4×6 Massaranduba Can’t be Matched! Hi! My name is Lea and this is pregrooved 5/4×6 Massaranduba decking from Have you heard about Massaranduba decking, but you weren’t quite sure what it was? It’s an exotic hardwood that surpasses other soft wood options in lifespan and durability. We offer this decking option in several […]

This is Tongue & Groove 5/4×6 Massaranduba Decking To infuse your porch or sunroom with natural beauty, our tongue & groove 5/4×6 massaranduba decking is the perfect solution. With its remarkable appearance and reliable performance, no other wood or composite material offers such a lush and rich looking surface. Our tongue & groove 5/4×6 massaranduba […]

This is 5/4×6 Massaranduba Decking To build a long lasting beautiful deck, you need to start by selecting a premium grade hardwood like our 5/4×6 massaranduba decking. Our standard 5/4×6 massaranduba decking profile can be installed with the Deckwise colormatch screws. The black ones will blend in with the dark red to reddish brown colors […]

Tapered Massaranduba Plugs and Massaranduba Decking Were Made for Each Other Hello! My name is Becky with, and these are Tapered Massaranduba Plugs. Massaranduba decking is gorgeous. There is no reason why screw heads should break up the appearance of your brand new hardwood deck. Is there a solution for fixing the visible screws […]

FSC Massaranduba – an Economical Choice In this video you’ll see FSC massaranduba decking in a gorgeous application in Miami, Florida. Fermin Acevedo, the president of Master-Builders Group, talks about the importance of choosing an FSC certified material, and how he enjoyed building this deck. “For this project, the customer selected FSC massaranduba. FSC certified […]

Advantage Deck Tile Commercial on DIY Network “Advantage Deck Tiles from are an easy and affordable way for homeowners to install their own beautiful Brazilian hardwood deck.” Head on over to to get your Advantage Deck Tile quote. We have a calculator with a side by side comparison to other deck tile options. […] on WGRZ Buffalo In December of 2015 was featured on local news network WGRZ for their Celebrate WNY segment. WGRZ goes around and features local businesses on the news and was lucky enough to be one of them. started in 1992 in Buffalo, NY. Since then we have been leading suppliers in […]

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