& the National Forest Foundation

June 15, 2016 3:49 pm
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Our Partnership with the National Forest Foundation

We’ve partnered with the National Forest Foundation in an effort to make sure that we are keeping our national forests healthy and flourishing. As a leading company in sustainable forestry, it’s our duty to ensure that conservation efforts remain a constant priority to keep our forests growing. This Partnership with the National Forest Foundation has helped with replenishment efforts for over 300,000 acres of forest in the Ocala National Forest, one of Florida’s largest national forests.

In this video we talked with Karen DiBari the Director of Conservation Connect with The National Forest Foundation. She tells us about the program they have to work with companies to help with conservation efforts in the forests, as well as how much these efforts have done for the forests. Corporate donations can help immensely with restoration efforts int he forest to bring the natural beauty back to it’s full potential.

Since 1992 has had a commitment to sustainable forestry. We have always had the belief the forest should be valued and not destroyed. For over 20 years we have ensured the wood we sell comes from sustainable resources, and is in fact, having a positive contribution to the environment.

While our company has a large focus on maintaining and preserving the conservative efforts in Brazil, where much of our exotic species of hardwood come from, we’ve had a very large growth and focus in recent years in the domestic wood department and know how important it is to maintain these forest habitats, for both the trees and the animals living in those habitats.

Preserving and maintaining our national forests is a necessity and we strive to make sure that our forests remain strong and healthy.

To learn more about our sustainability efforts, or to learn about how your lumber purchase be lead to a healthier forest, contact us today!