Artisans – Sawdust on my Boot

May 4, 2016 2:04 pm
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Sawdust on my Boot, a Talented Woodworker

Toni Moore, AKA Sawdust on my Boot, is a local Sarasota, Florida woodworker who makes incredible custom furniture pieces! We were able to visit her shop and watch her process.

Our Sarasota facility is full stocked with tons of exotic and domestic hardwood options. When Toni visited out facility Jason, our hardwood specialist introduced her to our hardwood selections. She fell in love with Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry), a beautiful reddish brown color, and Tigerwood (Goncalo Alves), an orange wood with dark grain accents. What would come next is unbelievable.

When we visit Toni’s shop, we were able to see how she worked. As a woodworker who only uses hand tools, she had to be precise with all of her steps. She sat down with her journal and began sketching out what she wanted to build. Next, she steps up to the dry erase board to draw out the creation for a reference.

We finally get a glimpse of her tools, but what is she going to create?

She places a large piece of wood into her Shop Fox and begins to plane and sand it down, making the piece of lumber as smooth as possible.

We see saws and clamps. She’s working away at this large piece of hardwood and with each step she’s getting closer to her final project. We see sawdust falling on her boot. Picking up the wood chisel, she begins chipping away at the wood to make a slot for the next step.

Drilling, sanding, oiling and gluing. The steps you have to take to create a handmade wooden creation are tedious, but in the end they’re worth it. When you step back and look at the table that you created out of these gorgeous hardwoods, you can be proud of yourself.

Then you’re off to Sarasota to pick out some more hardwoods for your next project.