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May 22, 2014 3:31 pm
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Contractors Talk About Their Experience with

In this video you’ll meet several contractors who have used and you’ll hear why they were so happy with their experience.

First, we’re introduced to Kevin Brady out of Seneca, SC. He is a contractor who used Advantage Decking for a project in Anderson, SC.

“We had used ipe on other jobs prior to using and it would be a situation where you’d go to order and they wouldn’t have it, or they wouldn’t have what you needed. We found with that they always have what we need.”

Scott Lee is a contractor out of Sarasota, FL. He enjoyed the ease of ordering the products he needed.

“I found that working with to very easy. Everything was right there in front of you, and if you had any questions, they were there to answer.”

Jonathan Jennings is also out of Florida. He was the contractor on a commercial project on Clearwater Beach.

“I came across and was absolutely floored and quick I was able to get the product. The fact that they had what I needed in stock during the winter months when other companies didn’t have it was great. They were by far the cheapest I was able to find.”

Wayne Hitt makes a living in the Atlanta, GA area as a contractor. He loved his experience with so much that he purchased material to build a deck from himself on his home.

“The process of buying the material was very easy. They have a great website that Iw as able to navigate. I’ve been able to work with the same salesman on two other projects. He understands what I want and need.”

Chase Vick works out of Thomasville, GA.

“The whole process was easy. Once I got in touch with them, they were very adamant about calling me back with the information I needed. Once I started the ordering process, as far as how much of each material I needed, he basically took it from there. He figured my screws for me; he figured out all of the plugs that I was going to need. He even figured out the amount of oil it was going to take to put two coats on the products. I was told when it would be here and who the shipper was. The shipper contacted me like they said they would. It was one of the easiest processes of building the whole deck.”

Each contractor was so happy with their experience that they would (and some of them have) use again for future projects.