Video of Cumaru Wood Decking Enhanced Dock

May 20, 2014 6:27 pm
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Cumaru Wood Decking Outperforms Composite Materials

In this video, you’ll learn why Cumaru wood decking is superior to composite decking materials, and see how satisfied this homeowner is with his purchase of Cumaru.

“I knew I wanted something that would last a long time. I came across Advantage Lumber, and then I found Cumaru.”

Cumaru wood decking is a gorgeous South American hardwood is known for its durability lifespan. It ranges from golden ran to reddish brown with darker grain accents. There’s no doubt this wood is beautiful.

“I like seeing the natural imperfections. I like seeing the color striations throughout the wood. That’s one of the reasons why I selected it, because the finish is just so beautiful. The different colors, it’s just a beautiful wood.

While a lot of his friends were building docks out of composite materials, Junab decided to try something new and seeing how his friends are now dealing with their composite docks, he’s happy he did.

“A friend of mine that lives in Tiera Verde went with a composite and shortly after putting it on, about a year and a half; it started getting moldy looking, mildew looking and spotted, and showed a lot of wear. He went back and complained to the supplier and they came out and they put all new stuff down including labor, materials, and everything, and he was happy to get that done, but he still got composite, and it’s still wearing like the other one.”

Cumaru wood decking has a  50+ year lifespan and its ability to resist rot, mold, and decay. This makes it the perfect choice for this dock on the Gulf of Mexico. The saltwater won’t even compromise the structural integrity of this hardwood.

“I’m very happy with my experience with the company and I tell people that are considering composites to look at Cumaru and give it a shot.”