Deck Tile Commercial As Seen on DIY Network

May 6, 2016 11:00 am
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Advantage Deck Tile Commercial on DIY Network

“Advantage Deck Tiles from are an easy and affordable way for homeowners to install their own beautiful Brazilian hardwood deck.”

Head on over to to get your Advantage Deck Tile quote. We have a calculator with a side by side comparison to other deck tile options. You can instantly see your savings.

Our standard deck tile size is 20×20, while other options are normally 12×12. Our deck tiles cover more space, therefore you will need less tiles to finish your project. We also have 24×24 sized deck tiles.

“Our hardwoods are one of the strongest and longest lasting decking options available.”

Advantage hardwoods were made to last. Our hardwood options include:

Ipe – 75+ year lifespan
Cumaru – 50+ year lifespan
Tigerwood – 30+ year lifespan
Massaranduba – 30+ year lifespan

All of these options are available in either 20×20 or 24×24 deck tiles. The deck tiles are made from the same material as our long length decking, meaning the quality, stability and durability are all the same. They are mold, decay and termite resistant, and are not treated with any chemicals.

“When used with the deck tile connector system, you can actually install your deck in as little as one day.”

The Deck Tile Connector System by DeckWise™, was designed with easy and simplicity in mind. There are predrilled holes in the back of the deck tiles that fit perfectly onto the ribbed pine tree clip. This tiles clip into the connectors in any pattern of your choosing, and depending on the size of the space, you could build a new deck in less than one day.

“All of our products are shipped from our US Factories direct to your home or jobsite.”

We offer fast shipping to homes and jobsites around the world. We have four locations in the United States and one location in Brazil.

“So when you’re ready for that new deck, or just something to cover up that old concrete patio, check us out at”